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my country accelerates the opening and sharing of industrial data to help digital upgrade of SMEs
release time:2020-06-02

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the 1st that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the comprehensive collection of industrial data, accelerate the interconnection of industrial equipment, promote the open sharing of industrial data, and help the digital upgrade of SMEs.

The digital upgrade of SMEs is of great significance to economic and social transformation. The key to promoting the digital upgrade of SMEs lies in the interconnection of data.  

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to guide industrial equipment companies to open data interfaces to achieve comprehensive data collection. At the same time, it will continue to promote the construction of the industrial Internet, promote the high-quality aggregation of industrial data, coordinate the construction of a national industrial big data platform, develop industry chain maps and supply chain maps, and serve the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.  

Encouraging and supporting platform companies to open up digital capabilities and provide digital services is an important way to help SMEs digitally upgrade. A few days ago, relying on the independently developed blockchain digital certificate platform, JD.com launched enterprise-level applications such as blockchain electronic contracts to help physical enterprises improve operational efficiency and protect transaction security; State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company accurately relied on power big data The "pain points" of resuming production and resuming production, and launching digital applications such as "transfer power supply code" to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome difficulties.  

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specifically proposed that it will support upstream and downstream enterprises in advantageous industries to open up data, establish a mutually beneficial and win-win sharing mechanism, and particularly encourage platform companies and leading enterprises to open digital capabilities to SMEs and provide industrial Internet and other digital services to help SMEs solve problems. Help the overall digital upgrade of the industrial chain.

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